Welcome to Jasper Turtle

A website for turtles.

Tessellation Creator
An interactive utility for creating and playing with tessellations.
Mad Classical Literature

It's like mad libs, but with great works of classical literature. Replace words with anything you like! Literature works are provided free from Project Gutenberg.
Kevin R Stone's Personal Site

Kevin's dumping ground for pictures, stories, sheet music, videos, and recipes
Amy J. Gagnon's Personal Site

Amy's website for her artwork, photography and other projects
Mouse Hunt
Game where you run around catching escaped lab mice
Kevin R Stone Piano Recordings

Kanji Practice 漢字

A flashcard and quiz app for learning and practicing to read japanese kanji (characters). Still in development
Brain Games

A series of brain and memory games developed in javascript.
Share Story

The game where participants take turns writing stories, one sentence at a time.
"Little Kevin Composer"

a random music generating software.
Kana Practice ひらがな

A flashcard like app for learning and practicing to read japanese kana (letters)